We create workshops that make sense for you.  Whether you're interested in one of our current programs, or requesting something entirely new, the material is tailored to meet the needs of each audience. 


Sexual Literacy Workshop


Join Amanda Ayers, MPH (HPE) and Meera Seshadri, MSPH (OSAPR) in a dialogue exploring the intersection of sexual health promotion and sexual violence prevention. How does having an increased awareness of your own body, needs, and, YES, pleasure, help facilitate healthier sexual relationships? Learn to navigate potentially difficult (awkward!) conversations surrounding sexuality, consent, and intimacy. 

Sexual Health 101

Join SHARC (Sexual Health and Relationship Counselors) in a workshop that covers sexual health information including safer sex practices, contraceptive options, and how to access relevant services while at Harvard. Emphasis is placed on the diversity of experiences surrounding sex and sexuality and the importance of clear and open communication. The program aims to ensure that participants are equipped with the information they need to make happy and healthy choices. 


Facilitated by CARE, this dialogue aims to foster a common understanding of consent outside of the legal framework.  Individuals are encouraged to explore their own ideas, attitudes, and behaviors and to reflect on the influences that shape their understanding of consent, gender, and sexual scripts. A healthier sexual climate requires each of us to engage in creating safer spaces that are inclusive and equitable - why not start here?