Sexual Assault Awareness Month & AAU Survey

RC: We are going to take a break from our Q&A this week to talk a bit about Sexual Assault Awareness Month (happening now!) and the AAU (Association of American Universities) Survey that students are getting emails about.  This survey will follow up on a landmark survey completed in 2015 by the same association and asks students about their experiences and perceptions of sexual and gender-based harm on their campus.

LM: All Harvard students (both graduate and undergraduate) should have received an email about the survey on April 2nd from the email address This email contains an individualized link for you to anonymously take the survey.

According to the FAQ on the Harvard Title IX website, “responses will provide Harvard with a better understanding of student experiences on campus.  That understanding can help inform university policies designed to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault, improve resources, and measure change to create a safer environment for all of Harvard’s community members.”

Also, all students who complete the survey receive a $5 Amazon gift card!

RC: We also want to note that Harvard is observing Sexual Assault Awareness Month for the month of April. This year’s national theme is “I Ask.” OSAPR and partner offices are hosting a variety of events, including Harvard Wears Denim, coming up on Wednesday, April 24th.  To become a Solidarity Sponsor, email  The entire SAAM calendar can be found here.

LM: We recognize that SAAM can bring a lot up for people, and that the emails about the AAU survey may compound this. We want to make sure this is named, and make sure everyone is aware of some of the resources that are available. This month, OSAPR and the Center for Wellness are hosting Yoga for Restoration sessions every Tuesday from 7-8 pm in the Mount Auburn Room (Smith Campus Center, 2nd floor, accessible through the HUHS pharmacy). The OSAPR hotline is available 24/7 at 617-495-9100. Also, throughout the semester, the Center for Wellness hosts “Wellbeing Wednesdays” from 3-5 pm in the Mount Auburn Room, with tea, snacks, and a variety of relaxing and mindfulness-based activities.

RC:  We hope that as the weather moves toward spring you are able to care for yourself and your community in whatever ways feel most available to you.  We recognize that many of the things we’ve named in this week’s post may be complicated for people and want to honor that. At the end of the day, we write this in the hopes that you are as aware of things going on on campus as is helpful to you and we hope that you are able to make the most of what remains of the semester.