Should I be using lube? If so, when and how?

AG:  Thanks for the questions!  Everyone, no matter what kind of sex you’re having, should be using lube! You’ll never know what you’re missing until you at least try it once. Many people, even if they don’t have a hard time getting wet, still love using lube.

AA: The packaged lubrication on condoms isn’t meant to be used as lubrication for penetration. It is meant to lower the risk of the condoms breaking inside of the package due to friction. Using additional lubrication will increase sensitivity and pleasure while using internal or external condoms, dental dams and gloves.

AG:  A few straightforward things:  First you should know that there’s a few different kinds of lube. Oil based lube shouldn’t be used with condoms because it can disintegrate the latex. Water and silicone lubes are both good for condoms although water-based lube is easier to clean off (silicone lube is generally the best if you’re having sex in the shower or something like that). There’s also both liquid and gel forms of lube available - honestly it’s the best to just try around a bit first and find one that works best for you!

AA: Also, make sure to keep in mind whether or not the type of lubricant ingredients are safe for the type of sex that you are enjoying. If you are having sex with someone who has a vagina be cautious of ingredients including glycerin, parabens, fragrances, benzocaine, and antibacterials as these may cause irritation and increase the risk for yeast infections. As AG mentioned earlier it’s important to know which type of lubricant to use with the type of sex you’re having. If you are using a sex toy that is made out of silicone make sure you are using only water-based lubricant as both silicone and oil-based lubricants can compromise your sex toys.

AG:  When you’re actually using the lube (either on yourself or a partner) remember to warm it up a bit in your hands first. Next, basically just add a little bit of lube at a time. If you’re having sex with a condom, a drop or two can be put on the inside for increased sensation and then again, a few drops on the outside. Otherwise, just adding lube around the genitals can help make things feel better and also to decrease friction! You can keep reapplying lube throughout the rest of the sexual activity.

AA:  There are many places on campus to get free lube and safer sex supplies.

AG: Have fun!



Amanda Ayers MPH

Health Educator